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The Team

Who We Are


Chloe Blackman


CrossFit Level 1 Certified,

CrossFit for Kids Certified

CrossFit 3018's newest coach is also the biggest cheerleader for our community and athletes. Chloe also coaches our junior athletes in CrossFit for Kids.

Talk to Chloe about:

- Starting out in CrossFit

- CrossFit methodology


Christina Abufhele


CrossFit Level 1 Certified,

Certificate III & IV Fitness,

As a dedicated and accomplished Masters athlete Christina is passionate about keeping all athletes moving at any age and ability.

Talk to Christina about:

- Gymnastics movements

- Competing


Derik Tam 


CrossFit Level 1 Certified,

Weightlifting Level 1 Certified,

Men's Intermediate Level Gymnastics, 

Remedial Massage Therapist

Whether Derik is training in a class or coaching a session he is always pushing our athletes to improve and refine their technique and mindset.

Talk to Derik about:

- Pacing for a WoD

- Improving technique


Joe Riego


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer,

Level 1 & 2 Weightlifting Certified,

Owner "Masters League"

Joe has a relentless attitude for excellence and progress in his athletes, you will find Joe in our early morning sessions. 

Talk to Joe about:

- Technique

- Masters conditioning

Coach Mark

Mark Stiegler


CrossFit Lvl 2 Trainer, CrossFit endurance trainer,

Australian Weightlifting Federation Lvl 2 coach.

Mark comes from a background in endurance sports as well as obstacle racing and represented Australia at World Championships in both Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii and Spartan Race in Vermont USA.

Talk to Mark about:

- Running Technique

- Competition mindset


Sarah Rangi


CrossFit Level 1 Certified,

Sarah started at CrossFit 3018 as an athlete and has quickly become a favourite coach to a community inspired by her commitment and spirit. 

Talk to Sarah about:

- Mindset

- Competing


Matt "Spoon" Cahoon


Crossfit Level 1 Certified

#1 Masters League Athlete, Australia 2017,

Top 100 CrossFit open 2017. 

10 Years ago Spoon made a seemingly small, but ultimately life changing decision to take up CrossFit. 

Since then he transformed his health, body and mindset and has now taken over ownership of the gym to enable others to do the same.


"To me, CrossFit 3018 is like my second family. I love how everyone is so supportive of each other regardless of skill levels & am so grateful to Spoon for rescuing the place and keeping it open. I love the direction he and Troy are taking it, it’s getting better all the time.”

                                            - Rod

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