The role of our Coaches

  • Our coaches aren't "Cheer-leaders"

  • We give feedback, create better outcomes, foster learning and develop our members.

  • We don't turn a blind eye to poor technique.

  • We don't force you to fit into our model, we guide you to adapt and evolve.

  • We don't teach from the front, we demo from the front and then get in there with you and help out each individual to improve.

  • We are here to keep you safe and healthy.

Our coaches vary in skills, ability, experience, strengths and weaknesses... 

...just like our members are all unique in that way too.


What our coaches have in common is:

an unwaivering passion for teaching fitness and having fun along the way.

Ligia Cruz

CrossFit Coach

Ligia Cruz is a long standing member of CrossFit 3018 and has coached in both Australia and Brazil. She currently holds an above body weight snatch of 62kg and an 80kg Clean and Jerk, along with fantastic gymnastics prowess and an engine to match. 

Ligia appreciates spending time on a beautiful beach, hiking, go karting with my son, riding bikes with her family... basically outdoors activities and cooking yummy stuff.


Level 1 CrossFit Coach 

Burgener Weightlight Course

How did you got into CrossFit?

Our Polish CrossFit friends googled the closest box around us and asked to my husband Marcos to book in an intro class, because CrossFit would be a great addition to his fitness and surfing skills. After his first intro class he came back home and said to me: "you have to go!!" Knowing me very well, he already knew that I would fall in love with CrossFit and here we are 5 years later at the same box!!


What you love about it?

I love the fact it's varied and it challenges you in every aspect. I never imagined myself doing muscle ups, weightlifting, and the results that are shown of constant training is impressive!


What would you tell a new person who wanted to start?

You won't regret it. Trust the process, take it easy in the first few months and build the foundations for longevity and you will be amazed with the benefits and gains you get on this journey.


What else can you tell us?

I truly believe exercise is the key to fight metabolic syndromes and neurological disorders like Alzheimer among others. I really want my parents to have their independence as long as they live. And Crossfit offers skills for everyone to keep fit and functional physically and mentally.


Is what we eat important?

Food and exercise are allies. Before I had the mentality that I would train to eat everything I wanted, now I understand that I need eat to train. 


Aaron Marcelino 
Casey Gao

CrossFit Coach

Casey loves helping people to perform better and get the gains they deserve. He is a very experienced young man with CrossFit coaching experience at CrossFit Richmond, CrossFit South Wharf and CrossFit VLT and now CrossFit 3018.

Casey is a Top 200 finisher in the CrossFit Open for 2020 and has a 140kg Clean weighting 75kg, how's that for power, to go along with his glorious skills.

Expect a playful, passionate and dedicated coach and fantastic experience.

Phillip Christou

Barbell Club Coach 

Phil is enthusiastic, bursting with passion and packed full of awesomeness. Power, Strength, wisdom, results, love, energy, this man has it all. 

Weightlifting accolades

- 6x National titles

- 6x World Championship weightlifting competitor for Australia  

- Commonwealth Games Bronze in 1994 with a 152.5kg Snatch

Phil has been coaching at CrossFIt 3018 for over 3 years and we love Phil and  #ThePhilFactor

Phil encourages our CrossFit members to learn to lift properly and take the time to value his sport of Weightlifting. Once you have developed solid technique, you can rely on it to get you through very tough, demanding and fatiguing workouts. 

Many of our members at CrossFit 3018 (30%) are into competing all year round, and having a strong base in Weightlifting goes a ling way. Phil is certainly our secret weapon and if you can hook up a few months or a year in Phils classes, you'll be a better athlete and mover for it.

CrossFit Coach

Aaron found CrossFit through his wife Zoe and figured it was the natural progression from Army PT. He froths off the community and the variety in the training exercises.


Aaron truly loves knowing that he is helping to change someone's life for the better. 

Coaching since 2014

Cert 3 & 4 in personal training

Level 2 and Crossfit kids

Aaron trains 6 days a week, love his family and does a little Krav Maga for fun too.

"Aaron What would you tell a new person who wanted to start CrossFit ?" 


Go slow work on form and technique and the gains will come


"Would you encourage your parents to Crossfit?" 

Yes and my mother did Crossfit for a few months prior to moving (no Crossfit Gym where she lives)

"What role does nutrition play in your life?"

It is a major part of my life as it helps with performance & maintain the energy required to keep training

Aaron Zahra

CrossFit Coach

Aarons vibrant and bubbly personality exudes right out of him. Aaron found CrossFit back in 2012 when completing work experience at CrossFit Repercussion.

Aaron is an absolute sporting "Frother" get him talking about the PIES, in fact any AFL team and he will give you his two bob, coaching tips, finals predictions and share a good laugh. Get him on the subject of soccer "Futbol" and you might not even get to begin your CrossFit workout, hehe, loves it!   



CF Level 1

Cert III & IV in Fitness

Diploma in Fitness

Bachelor of education P-12


What you love about it?

That it is something different everyday. No matter how long you have done Crossfit for there is always something to get better at. 


What makes coaching special to you?

The opportunity to interact with so many individuals. Helping them become better movers and creating lifetime relationships is very special.


Would you encourage your parents to CrossFit?

Yes, movements in Crossfit teach us to lift and move safely and make us stronger to complete daily tasks and activities. 


Aaron what do you do for fun other than training?

Love a boogie

Having a laugh with mates



Beach days

What continuing study are you doing/intending to do?

Definately look to complete  CF Level 2 & Gymnastics courses in the future.


How many days a week do you train?

4-6 times a week


What would you tell a new person who wanted to start?

Your going to love it, don't delay it another second. 

Tristan Enright 

CrossFit Zoom and Handstand Basics Coach 

Tristan is the owner of CrossFit 3018 and designs the programming and coaches the Zoom CrossFit Classes for the box. 

Tristan started CrossFit 8 years ago, has a background in tennis and a love for gymnastics, beach chills and surfing.

CrossFit Level 1 + 2

Personal Trainer

Weightlifting Power Coach Level 1 + 2

Meta dynamics and NLP trained

What would you tell a new person thinking about starting?

Go to CrossFit 3018 and have fun, start straight away. I was too slow to start. I was nervous, worried I wouldn't be able to do all the movements and didn't want to look silly in the class. In hind sight, that's why you have coaches to help you. I progressed so Solon my own and often didn't train because I was tired or lazy. The CrossFit 3018 community is epic and the days you feel silly, they will remind you how far youve come. The days you feel incredible they will celebrate with you. The days you think not warming up is a good idea, the coach will sit you aside and make you warm up. The coaches and team make it an awesome, progressive, fun experience so please, START TODAY.

Michael Uzunovski

CrossFit Coach 

Mika has excelled as an athlete in our gym and as a member of the community he has brought passion, wisdom and confidence to many around him. 

He completed his Level 1 CrossFit certificate in 2019 and has been a terrific asset to our coaching group and community.


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