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How it works


If you are new to CrossFit, we will first welcome you to our "Foundations" class which is designed to teach you the basics of Olympic lifting and ensure that you feel comfortable and safe to join a class. 

What to expect at CrossFit 3018

You should always expect to be challenged when you come in for a session at CrossFit 3018, you can also expect to enjoy yourself and be supported by an incredible member base who lift each other up.

In addition, you can expect a class structure like this:

& Warm-up

After booking your first session in Wodify, you will be welcomed to your first group session! Congratulations, you won't regret it!

Upon arrival to the gym you will meet one of our coaches and start your session with your new CrossFit fam ready to push your limits and learn some new skills.

You will start with a brief from your coach and a guided warm up that is designed to target the muscles and movements that you will need in your workout.


Strength& Skills

Once we are all warmed up, we will focus on some Olympic Weightlifting or Skill work related to Gymnastics. 

This section can be challenging and also incredibly rewarding as you build your strength and learn new skills that you may never have believed you could - rope climbs, pull ups, heavy lifts!



A WOD is generally designed to increase your metabolic conditioning, which is why we also call it a "Metcon". 

Metcon's can be as short as 8 minutes or up to 20 minutes and will challenge and push you alongside our community.


Every movement can be "scaled" to suit where you are at today while preparing you to master the movement and build towards "RX" which is how each WOD is "prescribed". 

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"CrossFit 3018 is more than a gym. It's a welcoming, inclusive and supportive community who all share the common goal of staying healthy and to keep moving. The gym offers members a variety of ever changing WOD’s (Workout of the Day) that challenge all levels of athletes from beginners to veterans of the sport. There are always lots of laughs and a friendly crew who will help to keep you accountable along your fitness journey, whatever that may be.”

                                            - Lana

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