Q: Why CrossFit 3018?

Simple, We want the best for you. So please, help us get to know you better so that we can support your journey.

Q: I've never done Crossfit before, is it. right for me?

YES! It very well could be. CrossFit done right, is an incredible health and fitness program which can be adapted and scaled to the level suitable for the client in front of us. While our newest member is practicing to squat without losing their core tension or dropping their elbows, our most experienced member might be squatting on 1 leg and have their own challenge with that.

Q: Do I need a trial? Ive been doing F45 and PT...

Yes. Everyone can do a trial class, however if you are in-experienced with Snatch and Clean and Jerk, then we must prepare you with at least 1 introduction. You will walk away thanking us for it. Saturday at 10:15am, BOOK NOW.

Our FREE INTRO on Saturdays at 10:15am will prepare you for your first CrossFt Class and when you bring an open mind and an eagerness to engage fully, you will get some great take aways no matter what your fitness level. Our coach on the day will let you know whether they think you are moving well enough to grab a membership special and begin regular classes. 12-16 year olds require 3x Intros and must train in the same class as their parent, at least for a few months.

Q: Is CrossFit dangerous?

CrossFIt with us is not dangerous, it is actually quite safe. By developing an understanding around how to move smart and strengthening your core stabilising muscles you will find yourself in the best shape of your life. In fact, our members experience life more mobile, stronger and healthier. We build strong people, who have strong muscles, tendons and ligaments and over time even the bones thicken from strength training like weightlifting and gymnastics. That said, in every sport their is risk of injury, we are not denying the risk of injury in CrossFit, or in any sport.  Strong bodies who move well tend to have less experiences of injury that sports perceived as "not dangerous" like Soccer or Tennis which have around 6 Injuries per 1000 hours of participation.

Q: I have a sore knees and a dodgy back… can I still train?

Most likely the answer is yes. A clearance from your medical professional to exercise and some guidelines around what you can and cant do makes our job easy as coaches. Too many people put their health and fitness plan on hold because of limiting physical factors. We encourage people to follow the guidance of their treating therapist when it comes to injury management, give us the list of what's allowed and what's not and let us creatively adapt the workout to suit your needs at that time of pain and suffering.

Q: Do I have to sign up to a membership or can I come casually for a while?

You don’t have to become a member, you can pay a casual fee of $25 cash at the beginning of each class. Casual sessions are great for those who are in town for a short time.  We can also offer a $70 casual week for those interested in training 3-5 times a week for a once off week.

Q: Do you have a kids area, I have a baby and a toddler?

We do have a small area sectioned off for the kids to stay in. Prams can be placed in a safe area in the gym of choice (speak to the coach on the day). Toddlers will need to stay in the kids area away from weights and the chaos of everyone training. Your kids are your responsibility, please keep an eye on them. Rowing instead of running is accepted to keep an eye on your kids on days when running is programmed.

Q: Memberships?

Yep. Best way to do it. Join our crew, memberships allow us to focus on the value and not the money handling.


- No lock in contracts.

- 2 business days notice to cancel future payments or activate holds.

- 4 weeks of FREE hold periods per year ($5/wk after that).

- Minimal DDR transfer fees via EziDebit, payment options weekly, fortnightly and monthly.

- Payment failure fees and the like all done via EziDebit. Stay up with their terms.

Q: Any other terms?

Payments are weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Direct Debit fees apply. 4 weeks hold per year is included free. Additional holds on your account cost $10/month. Cancellations are accepted via email and are actioned within 48 hours. No refunds. What you pay for is what you are committing too, ie weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Failed payments will incur a fee from EziDebit of approx. $21. Keeping your account details up to date is your responsibility. You can change between membership types by sending an email to increase or decrease or adapt your training volume. 

Q: How do I get started?

Contact us about getting started. We will discuss your ambitions and help you to transition into CrossFit with us smoothly.

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