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COVID-19 VIC Lockdown 

Our CrossFit Gym is 100% online supporting our CrossFit 3018 faithfuls and expanding to serve those who want challenging and engaging programming, live online coaching and Bodyweight training.



Train with us today:

  • Zoom CrossFit Classes  (Online CrossFit coaching) $35/wk

  • Bodyweight 2.0 (6 weekly workouts + video tutorials) $10/wk  

Tell us about CrossFit 3018?

CrossFit 3018 started from a dream to bring the best group fitness and coaching to the public. 


We began as a one man personal training business doing $5 car park bootcamps in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne and built a culture around a supportive community, hard work, quality movement and fun. We have been in Altona for the last 7 years, bringing CrossFit and our values to the community and attracting great coaches and every day people eager to follow our methods and join our culture.  


Our box (aka CrossFit gym) is full of a brilliant and diverse community of people working out together. We offer a supportive, well equiped environment to train in and our coaches are passionate, experienced and well qualified for the beginner and the elite athlete. We give our members an un-matched, personalised, group fitness experience where every member is encouraged, pushed and coached throughout their week at 3018, for less than the price of a personal trainer.

Why do you CrossFit ?

We CrossFit for so many reasons. It's accessible to the newest people in fitness who have mustered up just enough courage to step into the fitness community and it is challenging and demanding for those whom are at the top of their sport seeking the edge in performance. 

Its the connections and the bonds that you create, that you don't get elsewhere the community is so supportive, you are nurtured and uplifted and that's a crazy feeling. Its a second family, a fitness family and that enviornment is very attractive and rewarding to be a part of. 

The results are also phenomenal. CrossFit 3018 incorporates such a great blend of gymnastics, weightlifting and conditioning that it keeps you always learning, engaged and on the edge of what's possible. It can be overwhelming at times, but the coaches and crew are educated and support you through the process. Everyone develops at different stages, so the main key is to get started. 

Whats the most common phrase said around the box? 

  • I wish I started CrossFit with you 10 years ago!

Let the fun begin!
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