Growth and acknowledgements

The Your Success Mastermind program is an avenue for personal growth and support utilising the skills and experience of Sharon Pearsons best work on NLP and coaching combined with the experience, structure and support of Meta Dynamics coach Tristan Enright. Here’s what Dave had to say: You too could experience

Meet our family: Abir

Coaches Comments: Abi is such a breath of fresh air. She smiles her way into the gym, has such a kind nature and really engages and plays fully during her sessions. We are thrilled to have Abi involved on all levels and Abi I am so grateful that you have

Meet our family: Rob

Coaches Comments: Rob is an incredible team player and example of what is possible when you apply yourself to the CrossFit program. Rob was a little sceptical at first and concerned about how Crossfit was portrayed as being potentially dangerous and risky in the media at times. None the less,

Meet our family: Lisa

Coaches Notes: Lisa, is an incredible woman and like all of us, her journey has shaped her to become the wonderful, caring, determined and outstanding human she is. We are thrilled that Lisa is a member of Our CrossFit family and feel so grateful that she has shared her journey

Meet our family: Amanda

Coaches Comments: “Amanda Shallard is small in stature and yet has enough love, compassion and determination to inspire many people over and again. Below Amanda shares a piece of here journey from growing up, to CrossFit and where it all fits in for her. Amanda is a terrific example of

Empower yourself

Ever since I was 12 years old I developed and insatiable desire to learn. If anything I noticed that success leaves clues in the people that are doing it. Turns out that most people who create a certain level of success give away information generally for free about how to